Our Philosophy

Art is for everyone. So why is it that only a small part of society gets to enjoy it? At BetaSounds, we're obsessed with finding the solution to this question. We have plenty of theories and ideas about how to bring classical music to a broader audience, and can't wait to start testing them out on our guinea pigs (you)!  We know that there are many types of barriers that prevent a large number from experiencing art's benefits, and that there are many paths to a solution. Taking a page from the tech communities' practice of beta testing new products, BetaSounds is a series best served by constantly examining and adjusting the way in which we help the community connect to classical music.

While there may be many different ways to address the barriers to entry, there is one principle that is not up for debate, and that is diversity.  Whether we are talking about age, race, or socio-economic background, there is no question that seeing yourself represented is key to feeling welcome in any environment. It is vital to the BetaSounds organization to not just espouse the tenets of diversity and inclusion, but enact them through the recruitment of board members, contracting of artists, selection of community partners and the cultivation of audiences.